Heat rash, sometimes referred to as malaria or prickly heat, is a common problem where areas of the body feel hot or prickly due to overheating during extreme hot weather.

What Causes Heat Rash?

It is quite uncomfortable, but it is not dangerous to the individual. And most of the time it goes away on its own as the body heats up.

So why does warm weather cause heat rash? There are a few different factors that may be responsible. The first being that your body temperature can become extremely high at times during the day and at times during the night. This means that your body will need more energy than normal to stay warm.

The body heat of the individuals around you can increase dramatically as well. That is not to say that you are at risk for overheating, however, it is true that your body will need more energy. And because you are outside in all those sun rays and heat and cold temperatures, your body will use that extra energy. This can cause your skin to heat up and this is what causes the irritation on your body.

If you do experience a flare up of heat rash then you should try to cool down the area you are experiencing it in. If it is not hot, you can try to cool it off with a wet washcloth. Try to use a cool, soapy wash cloth and use it for a short time before moving onto a dry one.

If you do get this skin rash and the burn still does not go away, you should see your doctor because your skin’s health may be at risk if you do not take care of it right away. A doctor can prescribe an ointment that can help reduce the irritation and reduce the swelling. They can also prescribe you medication that can help control the pain so that the irritation does not worsen.

One of the best ways to treat this skin irritation is to keep your skin properly hydrated.

What Causes Heat Rash?

The best way to do this is by drinking plenty of water to flush out the toxins that have accumulated in your body and keeping your skin well moisturized. When you shower, use a gentle cleanser on the affected area. This will allow your skin to absorb all the dirt and oil that may have gotten onto your skin due to the sweat you perspiring while bathing.

After you have finished showering, you should exfoliate. Exfoliation will smooth your skin and help reduce the redness of your heat rash. You should use an exfoliating scrub on the affected areas and leave it on for a few minutes and then remove it. This will work even better when you apply a moisturizer.

Heat rash is not a dangerous condition to have, but you should make sure you are not overheating yourself. If you do end up getting a burn or some other kind of damage to the affected areas then you should immediately contact a physician so that your doctor can give you the proper medical attention. He or she will be able to help you deal with it properly and prevent further complications from occurring.

If you have the cash and you are not sure what is causing it, you can always get an x-ray and have them look at the areas of the rash. Once they have determined what the problem is, you can find some treatment options that are right for you.

There are certain sunscreens that can help reduce the sun protection factor, you can use these products. They can also help with any kind of rash that is caused by sun exposure, such as burns and other kinds of rash.

Heat rash can be a thing of the past if you take the proper steps to deal with it the correct way. Once you learn more about heat rash and how to avoid it you may have less issues with it in the future. If it is still there after trying several different things, then you may want to get it checked out.

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