“Burning Hands,” the first of its kind, was a huge success when it was first released in 2020.

A Review of Burning Hands by Janny Wurtschman

A lot of people were attracted by the story of a magical creature, a half-elf who had an innate ability to heal wounds. The dwarf waited till the others had left and slammed the door shut again with a loud grunt. Then he looked over the others and laid down the halfling next to him on the floor.

“It’s no good. Can’t heal a wound this big. Can’t save a man like this unless we get back to the Keep, and there are at least 40 of these rats still roaming around out there.” He went back inside, leaving his halfling alone in the room.

The next morning the dwarf returned, but the halfling had not been moved. “Burning Hands is dead. Burned out in the oven.”

The dwarf was silent for a while. Then he came out with a knife and began to chop into the halfling. “I’ll never make you like me again!” he said.

The halfling did not understand. “I am the dwarf! Who are you?”

“The Dwarf,” said the dwarf. And with that he killed the halfling, as well as all the other animals in the room.

The dwarf left the room, and the halflings’ cries of terror soon faded to silence. “Well, that was interesting.” said the dwarf as he walked back towards the oven. “I hope it was worth it!”

The dwarf was right. This book is worth reading, because while it might not make you feel like you have saved the world, it sure makes you wish you had. !

Burning Hands by Janny Wurtschman is a story about a halfling named Nissa who wants to help those in need but has a little problem with her “burning hands.” When she burns herself with a candle, her hands never heal. She is so sad that she decides to burn the candle and become a human being once more.

A Review of Burning Hands by Janny Wurtschman

Unfortunately, Nissa realizes that she needs more than “burning hands” to change her circumstances.

Burning Hands by Janny Wurtschman takes place on a small town in America, in the mountains. Nissa is an orphan who lives in a shack in the woods, where she meets the wizard who is the main character of the story.

While the wizard teaches Nissa how to “burn” her hands, she finds that there are many people who are willing to accept her and give her shelter and love. When the Wizard sees Nissa for the first time, he asks if he can change her to a human, he is quite surprised to see that her hands are not burned but simply healed.

As Nissa learns to love and accept herself, the story continues to take a turn. At one point, Nissa and her friend Sam discover a strange artifact that gives her the ability to change her appearance and also give her the power to heal others. They also learn that her “burning hands” are nothing more than a symbol of her inner being, and that there is no real “burning” involved. Her “burning hands” are actually a curse.

Once they have learned this, the story begins to change as Nissa becomes more powerful and more knowledgeable. Her powers grow even more, and she is able to find her way into the wizard’s inner circle of friends. By the end of the book, Nissa’s healing is very strong, and she is able to save people from danger.

This is an excellent children’s book, filled with many stories about magical things. The story of Nissa is fun and exciting, while the wizard and his friends make an interesting and charming backdrop. Burning Hands by Janny Wurtschman is a great book for children.

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